The MetroPark Connector

Update - March 5, 2010

On February 16, the HCMA presented to the public the (Final) Bike Path Plan that they would be submitting to the State of Michigan for funding. 

After months of question as to what plan or alternatives would be pursued, the HCMA announced that "the Original plan"...not any of the discussed alternatives directly impacting West Ridge...would  be the only Plan submitted.

This decision by HCMA and all parties involved represents a victory for the West Ridge Homeowners, the HCMA and Village of Dexter. 

To the left is the Plan submitted to the State.

Please note the
YELLOW connector to the Neighborhood is one suggested route to the path and the Village.  Actual plans for this are not finalized.

A zoomed in map of the Warrior Creek Bridge Crossing to the HCMA Path without the suggested West Ridge Connector is illustrated...also to the left.

The State will announce their decision over the plan in November/December.  If approved, construction is expected to begin Summer 2011.

Subject to further discussions with the Railroad and Mill Creek Sporting Goods, the Village of Dexter is expected to begin construction of the Village Connector later this summer 2010.
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