Our dues cover the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.

Please make checks payable to: West Ridge HOA

Email address resource for HOA Board use only

With the cost letters, envelopes and postage, not to mention the time to prepare such items, we’d like to shift more of that communication to the efficient use of email. As everything has migrated to this means, it is only natural for an ever growing neighborhood and Homeowners’ Association like ours to do the same.

While there may only be occasional use of the website by residents for reference to news, the By Laws, etc., time sensitive information is best utilized with a reliable email address.

Please forward to us an email address where we can reach you. Your email address will not be shared and will be for meeting notices, news flashes and specific outreach to you.

In the email, please list your name(s) and resident address.

Forward your info to

Mandatory Watering  Restrictions

In an effort to protect our aquifers, conserve water resources and help ease our peak hour water demand, the Village of Dexter has implemented mandatory outdoor water restrictions for 2017.  Outdoor water usage is restricted to odd/even days.  Residents with odd numbered addresses may do outdoor watering only on odd numbered dates.  Likewise, those with even numbered addresses may do outdoor watering only on even numbered dates.  In addition, outdoor watering is prohibited between 6am and 10am.  A simple adjustment of the start time of your irrigation system control can achieve this.  Thank you for your cooperation as we work to protect and conserve our water resources.

Snow Removal

Residents need to clear sidewalks of snow and ice within 48 hours of snow cessation and business owners need to clear sidewalks within 4 hours of snow cessation or by the start of your business day.

Vehicles should be moved out of City parking lots and off the street as soon as possible during snow storms. The Snow Ordinance (Chapter 46) will be actively enforced by the City.

For more information about snow removal in the City please review the annual snow informational flyer that is delivered to City residents and businesses.

Dog Ordinance

Please help us protect the health of our City residents by making sure that you pick up after your dogs in our parks and on our sidewalks and ensuring that your pet is not left to bark incessantly. If you have a complaint, please contact the city offices at 734-426-8303. City Ordinances on Animals

VA Approved

The Westridge Community has received VA approval.  Welcome to our VA families and thank you for your service to our country.