Resources & Rules


The Association is providing these legal resources to help Realtors and Homeowners with questions about our neighborhood. (These files may take a minute to open.)

West Ridge Bylaws West Ridge Master Deed
West Ridge Survey Maintenance Schedule
Westridge HOA Easement and Maintenance Agreement  Westridge Bylaws Searchable format.


Home owner Projects: Westridge Modification Request

Includes a new deck, structure, landscaping, addition, etc. to your house or lot visible to the outside, please make sure you adhere to the HOA Guidelines for process and compliance. Don’t be put off or become exasperated by this minor step! It’s simply protocol that we’ve all agreed to and ensures that we get all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted to keep the improvement within the bounds of the Neighborhood By-Laws.

You are responsible for making sure all appropriate permits are pulled.  Please understand that the Board cannot always logistically give approval on short notice…so please, give at least a week to submit & review your plans.

Please complete this attached form and submit it to EPMI.

  • Please be aware that fishing is prohibited on Association property.
  • Yard signs are prohibited without association approval.
  • Please keep driving speeds slow. Slow down!!!
  • Per our city ordinance: please keep the sidewalks clear of, among other items, portable basketball hoops & goals.
  • If you are renting your home out, please notify the Board to ensure that we have your forwarding address.
  • No street parking on mailbox side of street (city ordinance).
  • Yard waste is to be disposed of properly via the City of Dexter’s refuse collection services.
  • Open lots are not dumping grounds. The expense to clean-up improper dumping is considerable and comes out of the Association dues. Fines will be imposed as seen fit by the HOA.
  • Dogs must be on leashes and all waste must be cleaned up immediately. Please don’t leave pet waste behind in vacant lots – it’s a city ordinance.
  • Sidewalks must be cleared of snow within 48 hours in accordance with the City of Dexter’s snow removal ordinance.
  • Owners living on or near ponds are not allowed to use pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers on any portion of their yard where surface water drains into an adjacent pond. (By Laws Article 6, Section 1 (p)).
The West Ridge HOA is not responsible for enforcing street (parking, speeding, etc) violations.  Please contact the Sheriff (right across Warrior Creek).
The Washtenaw County Sheriff Non-emergency phone number is: (734) 994-2911.